Baby Sling Cotton (Gendongan Sling Modern) Tipe 745

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Merek: Cozyland Soft & Comfort
Kode Produk: SRC9745
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Cozyland Slings are stylish, comfortable, and fully adjustable. No more lugging strollers around, fiddling with buckles or snaps, trying to nurse discreetly, juggling a baby while helping an older child... just grab your Cozyland sling and get on with your life!

Cozyland Sling can be used with a newborn and up to toddler age. The ring sling is great for situations where you need to get the baby quickly up and wrapped. There is even a pocket sewn into the tail which is ideal to hold an extra diaper, keys or other lightweight essentials. And of course, you can enjoy carrying your baby in a variety of positions with sling Cozyland, including tummy-to-tummy, cradle, hip and back carries (with older toddlers only).

Sling Ring Cozyland comforts you and your baby, here are the benefits:
  • Cozyland uses "Double Side Soft Padding" to COMFORT YOUR SHOULDER when carrying your baby, even for the whole day.
  • Cozyland uses "Soft Leg Padding" on the left and right side of the sling to COMFORT YOUR BABY.
  • Cozyland uses 100% Solid Nylon on its Ring without glue, so it is guaranteed that it will be strong and won't be affected by the weight that are being carried.

Why parents love Sling Cozyland:

  • Easy to use! Slip baby in & out in seconds!
  • A fully adjustable baby sling with a large range of sizing.
  • Light padding in the shoulder area ONLY means no excess bulk but ultimate comfort!
  • 100% lightweight cotton fabric
  • A variety of colors & patterns to choose from - the Cozyland is simply stunning!
  • Open tail design for discreet nursing or covering baby from the sun.
  • One of the most versatile baby products! You will find a baby sling indispensable!
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for newborn to toddler (Max. 25kg ).
  • Use for front carries, hip carries & back carries (only with a toddler).
  • With the Cozyland sling you can nurse hands-free!
  • One-size fits most! Both mom & dad can share the same sling!
  • Easy care! Machine wash and hang to dry.

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